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Me & My Style

Sweet, sometimes sarcastic but never mean-spirited. Well spoken and educated.

A charming mix of childish wonder, worldliness and wisdom. When not creating art, food and intimacy, I write, learn, sing, explore my sexuality & spirituality and I love to travel.

A natural beauty and a free spirit. A small BBW, but I prefer the word zaftig because it's a great word! Jewish by birth but currently more Buddhist leaning. Into my 50s, I am at the best place of my life - happy, independent and committed to adventure! I am nothing if not genuine - with a serious playful side. You'll see...

I love to kiss - I want to kiss you. On your cheek, your neck, your ear. Get my drift? If you want to learn the art, just ask me to help you. You need simply be sweet, give as much of yourself as you are comfortable and let me do the rest. I like tease and be teased with words and touch. Perhaps we could start with wine and cheese or chocolates? 

I welcome experiences that help me grow as a human and a healer. In that spirit I will happily work with people with disabilities, but I guarantee I will ask lots of questions. I will offer a discount to any such clients as well as veterans.  I will also refund $50 for any positive reviews on TNA. 

If you seek a connection, someone who is genuinely excited to see you and greets you with an open heart and arms, you should definitely contact me.

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