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Building a business is hard. I'm learning as I go - but mostly having a blast. Some things I already knew a little about and some I knew NOTHING. Created my first full website, learned a bit about Google Analytics, etc... As I work to build my online presence and get more reviews, I thought I'd post some of my absolute favorite emails from some wonderful gentlemen.  

I've been meaning to write this for some time , by way of a review, to let you know again how much our first

meeting meant to me . From our first communication to the meeting itself, you made me feel comfortable.

Your confident manner - on the phone and in person, put me at ease instantly. You met me with a warm smile

and a light touch on my arm. I felt as if I already knew you when you asked if you could kiss me.
Of course I said yes!  You are a wonderful, passionate kisser and I have never been touched before in
the ways that you touch me and continue to ...  

Your confidence in your own sexuality makes me feel confident and desired.  Your sensuality and ability to genuinely care
and show affection moves me beyond words. Our talks, our time, our mutual caring has given me a renewed
confidence in myself and passion and is the reason I come back. 

Warmest Regards,

M (11.2.16)

A.J., you touch and kiss like an angel. thank you so much for your kindness, patience and making me feel like I'm still a man.

DW (5.15.16)


That was "endearingly rambunctious" -- and I'll watch for the reference page on your site and contribute something befittingly marvelous.  I certainly enjoyed our mid-day interlude.  You're quite a good time.....and I'm not talking about just the physical stuff.  Being in your company is a joy, and I hope for a return engagement in the not-too-distant future :-)


Wishing you all good things,


DC (3.18.16)

My time with you was very well spent, both in minutes and dollars. Wowza, I want more. Our time together
really contributed to this renewed hunger I'm feeling, and to the wee bit of satiation I felt last Tuesday,
which is so very welcome at this time in my life.

I'll be contacting you for another date as soon as I can. In the meantime I hope it's okay that I write?
Cats can be nice bed partners, but there's a limit to what  they can offer. Remember my touch, my lips,
my tongue, my fingers, my cock. I bet our next time will be even more satisfying.

SW (12.5.15)

I love the photos that you sent in your letters. They capture the Aleah Jane that I am just beginning to know. What they have in common, I believe, is enticement. In some you are serious, in others smiling. The one with the cat with only your eyes. Your naked body softly out of focus, igniting a hundred memories of how you looked, the softness of your skin, the taste of your lips. In each you seem to be beckoning to me and I yearn to answer your call.  TO sit on a bar stool talking and laughing with you. To walk up the stairs to your room with you. To pull you close and feel the beat of your heart next to mine as our tongues intertwine...

Until next time,

JC (8.11.15)

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