Back from the East Coast

I returned from parts known only yesterday and it feels great to be back in Portland, and with continued amazing weather to boot! It is always wonderful to see my friends and family back east but Portland really is my home. My cats are still alive were probably happy to see me, but they are cats so they'll never let on.

I spent my vacation in Boston and Ventnor City, NJ - a long walk/short ride and two towns over from AC. With some meals in Philly. My brother's house is right near the water - only an empty lot, a boardwalk and some beach between you and the water! I forgot how different the ocean feels from my usual beach haunt - Sauvie Island. It's completely alive and it feels wonderful to be that small and that part of something that huge at the same time.

Now it's time to get things done! Already picked out and ordered my new bed (the old one was killing my shoulder) and have many many craft projects to start on! Bring it on, fall!

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