Zen and the Art of Sensualism

That's what I've considered calling my book should I ever write it. But for now let's concentrate on the zen part. I'm scheduled to partake in a 10-day meditation retreat in Vipassana in January. I wont try to explain it as I'm good only with my own words. So find info about it here:

There's also a documentary on YouTube called Doing Time, Doing Vipassana - about the introduction of the practice into prison on a small and large scale for both inmates and jailers! I am thrilled to be at a place where I feel calm enough to undertake this and in a place where I understand I need to keep looking inward to explain how I can best be part of the world and best serve myself and all of us.

Ten days, no talking. If you know me even a little, you know this is no small feat. But I know after a day and a half, I'll be fine on that one. I've had lots of time alone throughout my life and quite enjoy my own company. Of course then you have the endless hours sitting and trying to clear your mind - not an easy task for this girl. I have little experience meditating - which is not a pre-requisite. So I figure they know what they're doing. I'm thrilled and hope to have so much to write and live once it's done!

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