Happy Women's Day!

Superbly timed, I'm finally updating my blog and it's International Women's Day. I spent a few days last week at the Seattle SASS Symposium. A conference for sex workers and their supporters. It was a small but amazing group of women (and a few men) who work hard, put themselves out there and are really helping make a difference to bring rights to sex workers of all kinds.

We marched (ok walked) but chanting "rights not rescue", "sex work is real work" and such as we brought packets to town hall demanding to be included in the conversations among other things. As a "new girl", I so appreciated knowing that this work and this effort was even out there. Thanks so very much to Savannah and Sola for the warm welcome and hard work.

It was also my very first time in Seattle. What took me so long? I loved it and have a plan to return in August with a visiting friend (or sooner if the opportunity arrises!) Planning a trip to Eugene next weekend as well. So my world traveling begins in April but there's lots to see here in my own back yard in the meanwhile.

Happy Women's Day!

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