Beside Myself

Happy May Day from Amsterdam! It's the last night of my holidays and I'm tucked in bed with the windows wide open onto the street at almost 10pm with an early flight tomorrow. I had the time of my life and it was as challenging as it was exciting. I can't wait to travel again and I surprisingly, I can't wait to come back to Amsterdam! It was just an afterthought for me in my plans so I spent less than 48 hours here. I didn't even see the Anne Frank house as the line was over 2 hours. Next time, mom, I promise!

I'm so sad to leave, but weary of air travel. I miss my cats, my friends and my lovers... I can't wait to see you all (my cats always read my blog!).

I booked an AirBnB that ends up right near the red light district. It's amazing! I so prefer to be in the middle of it (whatever "it" is) when I travel. As much as a hotel sounds comfortable and comforting - I much prefer being a "townie" with the real Madrid, Barcelona, Amsterdam going on a round me - not simply a tourist among tourists.

I took a thousand pictures! That may be an egxageration, but close to it and posted them for friends. They really seemed to enjoy them! I'll be back home tomorrow with tales to tell and jetlag!

All my love!


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