Just the smell of summer can make you fall in love.

That sounds about right, eh? Summer seems to have snuck up on me - perhaps while I was away. But I find myself making plans for August already and that - while being a wonderful thing to have events and visiting friends to look forward to - also makes me think I need to slow down and smell the roses, coffee, smell of love... Whatever floats your boat as we used to say when I was a kid. Sometimes the desire is overwhelmingly to figure out what the future holds or should hold. To plan and map out the where and whens and hows. But I'm pretty sure that being 52 without having ever been married or having kids; and never really settling into a profession in which I had to reach any apexes or pinnacles or encounter glass ceilings leaves me perfectly poised to decide that it's ok to not know the answer... at least for now.

So slow my head down I will - and have picnics in parks, and beach days, and festivals and concerts and time to enjoy my friends and my life.This is what intend to do. While still ever changing and forming as one cannot but help do!

Happy summer!

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