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On the Road Again

November 30, 2016

I've been neglecting you, dear readers. It's true. No grand excuses. I have been fairly busy so there's that. The art of traveling is fascinating. Some people simply don't enjoy it. That always seemed odd to me. From my perspective, if I've a trip planned, I have every reason to carry on with a smile on my face. And nagging troubles will still be here upon my return unless I choose to no longer see them as such. And basically, that's the plan! We all need a break from reality/ourselves now and again. But I am a novice still where travel is concerned and I've learned that I've lots to learn.


Take Denver. Where everything that can go wrong did. I forgot my ID, no internet connection, got yelled at by a feline's human mom, I got sick - really sick, and a homeless lady tried to sneak in right by me, and people were flaky as hell! Met a few nice gentlemen. But was blown off by far more. What the heck!?! This is still new for me - the whole avocation, and then heap on the travel aspect. If you know someone who has mastered the art of doing this and written about it - do tell! What I'm saying is that some trips are not at all what you expected. Some might even be downright unpleasant. So basically. it's like life. But like I said... I met some nice gentlemen. I bought a beautiful sweater and necklace at Jewelius, I made some wonderful friends at the pub down the road, I actually managed to buy legal weed by asking a nice older woman to procure it for me. She was awesome after I told her my whole sob story. And lastly, I became an official Broncos fan! 



The trick then, it seems, would be for me to learn how to roll with the punches. And this is what I am trying to do! If you have tips - do let me know. How many days should I stay in a city I don't know? Should I consider traveling 3 days to one city and then on to the next? Are there better ways to travel thriftily while never being cheap with myself? Are there better ways to work while still thoroughly enjoying my time in new cities? Better ways to schedule and plan ahead? The list goes on. But as I sit here writing in almost stream of consciousness, it suddenly occurs to me that I'm having fun figuring it all out. And THAT thing IS the purpose of it all. And of THAT one thing, I am sure. 



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