Helpful Information

I want you to feel as comfortable as possible in contacting me. Both in your choice and in our compatibility. I seem to attract a lot of first-timers. I take it as a compliment. Hopefully this information will prove helpful to some, providing a better understanding of me and my attitude. For some it will be just the thing to allay their fears, for others, it will deter them from contacting me and that's just as important as whom I attract. I will ask you for provider references (another companion you have seen) or verifiable id. Your online presence, verifiable employment, military service or school ID or license. This is for my safety. If you are not comfortable offering that. I may still see you at my discretion and at a one-time higher rate of $300 for one hour. 


To Start:


Contact me via phone or email - not text - at least until I know you. Don't call be baby if I don't know you. Do not mention any sexual acts or use graphic language that would in any way imply ours to be anything but paying for my time and my companionship. That's a sure way to scare me off.


My perfect client


I take my commitments seriously, you should too. My perfect client is kind, punctual, gentle and present. He is clean and scent-free (I'm sensitive to colognes). I have a shower you may use if needed. He is generally positive when he's with me. He doesn't talk about money unless it's at an appropriate interval, I'm a social creature and genuinely want to get to know you. But as a recovering shy person, I feel a kinship with them too.


I go in with no expectations or judgments. I don't care if you're married; or whether you're a stud anymore; whether you've a great body (I'm a contented chubby girl myself); that it may have been a long time since you've been with anyone. I will bring out the best in both of us! It's an intimacy of it's own kind and rhythm and that's what I love about it.

I am open and eager to work with people with disabilities. I am not trained but welcome to opportunity and will offer a $50 discount to folks with disabilities as well as verifiable military service. 


Fetishes & Other kinky stuff


I'm pretty vanilla in my own tastes. And I don't do anything I'm not comfortable doing. Some things I will be comfortable doing only over time as we become more intimate. Safe sex is the only kind! I enjoy letting things flow and unfold naturally and I also enjoy being in charge.  I'm not a dominatrix by any stretch and am comfortable only in very light dom situations.  I also enjoy some role play, especially when I get to use my natural nurturing tendencies.


Video - What I do feels very personal to me. I wouldn't feel comfortable sharing it with a stranger. Of course if we actually meet or take the time to get  to know one another properly, I could be persuaded.

Feel free to email me if there's something you enjoy and wonder how I feel about it.


What other things would you like potential clients to know?


Don't haggle with me. It makes me uncomfortable. I am a person who likes to please other people (or I wouldn't be doing this, right?). Act and speak in a way that will increase my desire to please you should we decide to meet.


While I spend social time with some clients, it is still paid time (at a deeply discounted rate). Ours is a unique relationship and need be based on trust and boundaries – like all good relationships. So while I don't watch the clock, it is my choice how generous I will be with my time. Your respecting my boundaries goes a long way towards building trust and generosity with me.